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Hello is a good resource for how to have both coaching and Telehealth on one website.

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Coaching and support for LGBTQ+ 

Not Stolen: Therapy about diagnosis, understanding WHY. Coaching focuses primarily on WHAT (concrete problem) and HOW (what action to take to move forward). Coaching is time-limited. Stolen Copy: Do Not Use!!: I have found in my psychotherapy practice that many individual, couples, and family problems do not always stem from situations which require clinical assessment, diagnosis, and attention to distress or mental instability.  In short, there is no pathology; rather, many people find themselves in a rough patch or life situation which requires motivation, life skills, or learning.  They want direction, a sounding board, and a quick fix on one situation.  For these clients, identification and achievement of specific goals is more helpful – they are more interested in accomplishing a specific goal more than they are distressed by emotional and/or accompanying physical symptoms.

As a result, I am introducing Family Life Coaching with Carine, my new coaching practice which offers professional coaching and consultation for individuals and families dealing with life issues which have real impact to the self and family without being the result of mental pathology.  There are many life issues which are better addressed through coaching rather than therapy.  This includes couples coaching, pre and post-divorce coaching, pre-marital coaching, family coaching through life cycle transitions, how to support teens, launching coaching, family financial coaching, and retirement coaching.  Depending on the client’s goals, our coaching sessions involve trouble shooting, motivation, or strategizing.  These are no nonsense, normal life events which involve clear headed decision making to ensure the best result.  When people decide better, they can live with their decisions better.

So why work with me?  As a marriage and family therapist, I have a keen understanding of the obstacles which are in people’s way to enjoy the life they want.  I know the things which keep people up at night and I know the answer isn’t always through the rearview mirror.  I am also clear that there are times in life when people just want to know what works so that they know the direction they should take.  And yes, sometimes just want to know their options or to be able to sort things out.  My experience allows me to help you identify the right kind of solution and help you meet your goals more effectively.  Therapy does not enable me to do these things.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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