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I provide individual therapy to adults age 18 and up. Please note that I only provide therapy online and do not offer in-person sessions.

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What To Expect

Before beginning, we will connect for a free video consultation to discuss your needs, explore how my skills may meet those needs, and address any questions you have about therapy. This consultation is to determine fit and is not a therapy session. Once we have decided to go ahead, we will meet for an assessment. To better understand your concerns, we will talk about your reasons for seeking therapy, your history, and what your hopes are for the future. We will review your initial paperwork, discuss recommendations, and answer any questions you may have. Together we will decide the course of treatment by developing a treatment plan that will serve as a road map for our work together. 

The Therapeutic Process

Therapy is a treatment process that utilizes techniques of caring, unconditional positive regard, active listening, support, and guidance. The process involves exploring feelings, examining motives, discussing relationship dynamics, and engaging in change processes, and has been designed to help individuals address a wide range of difficulties including emotional distress, transitions, anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflicts, fears, and loss.  In order to maximize benefits, therapy requires you to actively and fully engage in the process, including working on the things we talk about both in session and between sessions.

Therapy often leads to a better understanding of self, achieving aspirations, developing solutions to problems, experiencing decreased distress, and developing better relationships. Each person is unique, and as such, each therapeutic relationship is unique. While there are no guaranteed outcomes or experiences, most people benefit from the therapeutic process. 

Best outcomes of therapy are typically associated with the following:

  • Consistent attendance, active effort, and collaboration, both on your part as the client and my part as the therapist.

  • A positive relationship between therapist and client. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied with our relationship or work, it is important that we discuss this so that we can make the appropriate adjustment to our work together or, if needed, I can assist you with a referral to another professional. My goal is always to help you reach yours.

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